Start Planning for Multi-Machine Backups Now!

Aesthetix Asia use StorageCraft®ShadowProtect® backup and disaster recovery software, this is an international software with award-winning. ShadowProtect is trusted by most of the IT professionals.

There is many organization have multiple workstation as computers, Aesthetix Asia recognizes the need and offers flexible solutions by allowing them to protect multiple computer with ShadowProtect backup solutions, but at the same time keep the initial cost of the solution down.

There are a lot of other solutions that have to ability to backup multiple computers and we are the only one with the latest technology with backup on every 15min without slowing down any computers in the organization.

Backup System

4 Main reasons why you need to start Plan for disaster recovery now!

By implement a solid BACKUP & Disaster Recovery plan can help SMEs survive catastrophic data loss, start using cloud-based, in-house NAS solutions or both together to benefit business continuity and prevent any unpredictable disaster by human, machine or even nature.

Machines or Hardware Failure

All Machine and Hardwar would not last forever and the only way you can be sure that a hardware failure will not interrupt your service or cause data loss. The best option is to back up your system regularly

Humans Always Make Mistakes

All the people are not perfect which can very easily overlook an important step in a process and accidentally delete important data so by having an backup solution can be the only way to save the day.

Disaster is Unpredictable

Nature or Man-made disaster like theft can be unpredictable and so If the businesses do not have a backup and disaster recovery solution in line, it almost impossible to resume operations after a major disaster hits.

Business Continuity

Imagine there is down time that the information they want to access is unavailable, this means that the organization is facing critical issues and lead the losing to a competitor anytime.