Local Digital Presence Management

Nowadays mobile and other devices local search engine, has become more complicated and important. Negative effect of a weak presence online can be catastrophic for business.

Basic level of local digital presence is comprised of the places where information exists about that business location online, including directory listings, social profiles, store pages, and their own website. The content that appears across these different digital sources is largely the same, and includes:

  • Company name, Address, Phone and Email
  • Operation day and time
  • Type of Products and services
  • Promotion
  • Reviews

Digital presence management is a must for any SMEs serving any type of customers. SMEs often overlook the power of online information and how it represents their business to new and existing customers. A business can have multiple listings across many different type of platforms online.

SMEs Loses Customers Due To Wrong Information

SMEs is likely to suffer due to wrong information listed online. it is important that online presence management is used to assure that the business listings are correct, consistent, and up to dated. The affordability of an SEO specialist, marketing professional, or social media coordinator for most local businesses is not practical.

  •  Submit  business listings to the major Platform.
  • Check submission to search engines or online directories does not ensure that the businesses listings will ever appear online.
  • Submit listings on free major search engines and online directories
  •  Update and correct all relevant local business listings online.
  •  Provide online reporting and prove that the listings are accurate and being updated.